1/2 Strength for Today

Held to a Higher Standard

Leviticus 21:10
“And he that is the high priest among his brethren, upon whose head the anointing oil was poured, and that is consecrated to put on the garments, shall not uncover his head, nor rend his clothes;”

The requirements God gave for the high priest were certainly set higher than they were for the average Israelite. In the verse above God was dealing with the family of the high priest. God said that if the daughter of the high priest were to profane herself that she was to be put to death.

God went further in dealing with this subject by saying that when this happens, the high priest was not to mourn for his daughter because of his position. His position of being a high priest demanded that he live to a higher standard. Though some may think this was insensitive of God to demand this, we must realize that the high priest was a representative of Jesus Christ. It was an honor to hold this position and not anybody could be a high priest. The high priest was anointed by God for this position, therefore he must be held to a higher standard.

Just like God held the high priest to a higher standard, He also holds the preacher to a higher standard. As I have dealt with preachers for years, one thing I commonly hear is that a preacher should know better than to do the things that some preachers do. This is exactly right! Preachers hold a very sacred position and they should hold themselves to a higher standard. A preacher needs to realize he represents God. As a representative of God, he should not live where the common man lives, but he should live above board realizing that he is being held to a higher standard, not just by the people, but by God.

Let me take this one step further. Many who read this agree whole-heartedly that preachers should live to a higher standard, but as a Christian we are considered a priest. That means that every Christian is also held to a higher standard than the world is held. Before you start jumping on the preacher for not living to that higher standard, you are held to a higher standard as well. As a Christian, you should not live like the world lives. As a Christian, you should hold yourself to a higher standard and live above board. Should you do this because you are better than anyone else? Not at all! You should do this because the position you hold as a priest of God requires that you live to a higher standard.

We are not better than anyone else; we just hold a position that requires that we live by a higher standard. Each of us needs to be careful not to try and lower the standard by which God requires us to live. Instead, let's live up to that higher standard realizing that we represent God.

Today as you go through your daily routines and requirements, constantly remind yourself to live up to the higher standard that God has set for you because you represent Him. If you will constantly remember you are God's representative no matter where you go, I believe you will have an easier time living to that higher standard.

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