4/1 Morning Musings

“Seeing the Light”
Following “blindly” is not all bad, it sure beats not following at all! But, to see the revealed Truth in God’s Word, then follow it, with great understanding and confidence in the fact that He has revealed it, how much greater this is. Many follow the preacher, and, in a sense, follow the Lord, but to do it out of pure loyalty, though noble as it may be, is not as edifying and as comforting as following out of a pure love to a revealed command or precept and principle of the Word of God. This is, in a sense, his service and not yours. You see, serving the Lord (worshipping also) is a personal thing, and we cannot have someone directing us to do it their way; we must all serve on our own. Of course, it is ok to obey the preacher, because (hopefully) he has seen the revealed Truth of God, but it is so much more precious to follow because we have seen the Truth ourselves. It is revealed through His Word; through meditation on His Word; and through divine revelation that only the Holy Spirit of God can give us, through prayer. Oh how precious these truths then become. I reiterate that loyalty alone is not enough, it looks to man, while “faithfulness” looks to God Almighty. Don't be an "April Fool", follow Jesus.

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