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What to do When Going Through a Rough Time, part 4 of 4
9. Find someone strong whom you can unload on.

As you know, sometimes we need more than God to talk to about our problems. Sometimes we just need flesh and blood that we can see and hear. I know this sounds a little weak, but face it, God did give us people to help in rough times. Because of this, you need to find someone who is strong that you can unload on.

This person cannot be a negative person; instead they need to be someone who has a positive spirit all of the time. This person must be a wise counselor. You need this person to be wise, so they can give you the advice you need to help you in your rough times. This person must have a strong spirit themselves so that they can bear your load. If this person has a weak spirit, then when you unload on them you will end up bringing them down, which you don’t want to do. This person must spiritually be very strong so that they can help you. A spiritual person will tell you what you need to hear at the right time without ruining you. They may be rough at times when you need them to be rough, but they also may be gentle when you need them to be gentle. Only a spiritual person will know when to be the right thing at the right time.

Your pastor should be on this list of those whom you can unload on. He is there to help you in the rough times. Your pastor’s wife is another person whom you should talk to about your problems. Others whom you can go to could be your Sunday school teacher or some other spiritual lady in the church.

Everybody has tough times in life. When your time seems to be getting tough, take these steps and follow them. Though your problem is unique to you, the steps to go through the rough times are pretty much the same for everyone.

I want to encourage you to not let your rough times destroy you. Let the rough times you face make you a better and stronger person so you can be a greater help to others.

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