4/12 Strength for Today

Making Yourself Ready

Revelation 19:7
“Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.”

There is nothing that can be compared to a lady preparing for her wedding day. Preparations are made months before the wedding date. She prepares for her dress and the dresses of those in her wedding party. She prepares for the reception and meal that will come afterwards. For many weeks and months, a lady will be consumed with being prepared for her wedding day.

In the verse above, the marriage supper of the Lamb is being discussed. We read in the verse above that those at the supper started rejoicing as the Lamb entered the room for the supper. A statement is made in this verse that “...his wife hath made herself ready.” Notice that she made herself ready to meet Him. Though He may have been involved in helping with the preparations, she was the one responsible to make herself ready. God was trying to teach that every Christian should spend as much time preparing themselves to meet Him as the future bride prepares for her wedding day.

Christian, the preparation is your responsibility. You are the one who is supposed to clean up your life to meet the LORD. The question is simply this, are you making yourself ready to meet Jesus? What preparations have you made to make yourself ready if Jesus were to come back today? We should prepare ourselves by being as clean as we can to meet Him. Every day of our life we should constantly try to cleanse our lives from sin. The bad attitudes should be cleaned up. The filthy minds should be cleaned up. The cold hearts should be cleaned up. Every part about our Christian life should be made clean, for the LORD deserves the best from us.

Furthermore, we should prepare ourselves by not just putting away those things that cause us to be filthy Christians, but we should also put on good works as a part of our preparation to meet Him. There are many Christians who can talk about what they don't do, but God deserves to have Christians who can talk about what they are doing for Him.

Let me ask you, if this was the day the LORD decided to come back, have you spent as much time preparing yourself to meet Him as a bride prepares herself for her wedding day? Be a person who daily lives your life preparing to meet Jesus. Everyday make yourself better prepared to meet Jesus. This will have to be a purposeful act, but He is worthy of us purposely preparing to meet Him.

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