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What to do When Going Through a Rough Time, part 3 of 4
6. Don’t dwell on the situation all of the time.

Be careful about constantly thinking about your situation all day long. You may have to face your problem daily, but you don’t have to think about it all of the time. When you dwell on the negative, you will destroy your spirit. You may not be able to get away from your problem, but you can not dwell on your problem.

7. Purposely spend time with people who will lift your spirit.

There are some people who are good people, but they are not people with whom you need to spend time. You need to find people who are happy and cheerful people. Happy and cheerful people have a way of picking you up just by getting around them.

Don’t spend time with people who always feel sorry for you. You don’t need that. You are already having a tough time without someone feeling sorry for you. What you need is a spiritual vitamin B12 shot to your spirit. People who feel sorry for you all the time will only bring you lower.

You must also be careful about spending time with negative people. Negative people are not the encouragement you need. Negative people will drag you down. So be careful about spending time with those who are negative.

8. Be slow to respond to stressful situations.

Here is where you must really be careful or else you will end up ruining your testimony with others. At times, though you may not realize it, the stress you are under will cause you to be sharp with people. People will feel sorry for you for so long, but if you are sharp with them every time you are around them, eventually you will succeed in running them off. You don’t want to do this.

To avoid this from happening, you need to always think before you say anything or do anything. Most of the time we know when we are a little grumpy or short with people. When you know that you are going through one of “those days,” then be slower that day in responding to people and situations. That last thing you need is to make your life more stressful because of how you treat people. If you treat them bad too many times, then you will find yourself in a worse situation than what you are now.

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