4/5 Grammy Blick's Today

Acts 17:6. These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also

Do you turn your world upside down? Or is concern about creating turmoil and offending family members or friends keeping us from doing so? My own answer is that I've found it much more simple to witness to co-workers or even strangers than it is to family members.

Do we ask for grace to be said at meals when visiting family? A simple gesture that has the potential to offend -- or open a conversation. Would we do so at a family gathering in a public place?

Do we select Christmas cards that celebrate Christ's birth? Or are do the cards generically wish a non-specific Happy Holidays?

Are we able to discuss our beliefs based on scripture? Do we open the Bible to refute erroroneous statements?

Are we able to discern when a person is unsaved? Wearing a cross could just as easily be a fashion statement than a statement of faith.

Let's pray for the grace and faith to dare to offend, and turn our worlds upside down!

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Maranatha said...

Amen and amen!!! What a great message! Oh that I would live my life where I dare to offend!