5-21-14 Life in the Parkie Lane

Don't Bless Me Now                                                                                     

I have read things written over two hundred years ago advising the readers to rise up before the sun to read their Bibles and pray.

My question used to be, "How did they know that it was time to get up, since it was still dark and alarm clocks had not been invented yet?" 

I figured it out.  Robins. Robins started singing at 3:45 am last night.  At least they were singing when they woke me up at that time. The robins don't sing softly, they give it all they have.  If one is singing, then others join in.

I like robins at my birdbath and I don't mind if they sing throughout the day, but do they really have to sing in a loud voice before dawn? I know they are praising God for the new day, but sunrise would be better. Actually, to serenade me at breakfast would be better yet.

I have always been a morning person and have found that non-morning people do not like early cheerfulness, I don't know why. I have learned it is best to let them have some coffee before releasing any such exuberance for the day. They don't seem to like the blessing of cheerfulness first thing in the morning.

I am much nicer now that I have gotten older and more grizzled. Maybe the Parkinson's has stolen some of my morning cheerfulness. Regardless, I would prefer the robins take my thoughts to heart and hold it down until the sun has gotten up. Just don't bless me at 3:45 am, thanks.

"He that blesseth his friend with a loud voice, rising early in the morning, it shall be counted a curse to him." Proverbs 27:14.

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff

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