10-8-14 The Royal Hoodie

It seems that Esther had retreated from Haman to her bed (we would consider it to be more like a couch – they had not met in a bedroom). Haman followed “in her space” groveling and begging.  He followed her onto her bed, pleading for mercy.

Just then the King walked back into the room.  He mistook Haman’s position near Esther as a rape attempt, confirming in his mind that Haman was a no-good jerk. At this the guards threw a hoodie over his head, Middle East style, as an indication of his condemnation. Haman struggled against the guards as they led him to prison, crying, trying to explain, attempting to make deals, whining and weeping. But at this point it was too late, all his attempts were pointless.

John 3:18 says that I was in this position.  I was condemned already.  The difference is that God had given me another chance. I was condemned if I did nothing.  No groveling, dealing, pleading, whining or weeping would help, but coming to God through Jesus Christ – ah, there was the difference.  God saved my soul and will save any condemned sinner that comes to Him.

“Then the king returned out of the palace garden into the place of the banquet of wine; and Haman was fallen upon the bed whereon Esther was. Then said the king, Will he force the queen also before me in the house? As the word went out of the king's mouth, they covered Haman's face.” Esther 7:8. 

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff

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