12-2-15 The Right Servant

I went to McDonald’s drive-up one day to get a chocolate chip frappe and a mocha one for my wife. They had me pull forward to wait. They said they would have it right out. I sat there watching people getting their orders through drive-up and happily leaving with their orders. I saw others go in order, sit down, eat and leave. I decided that this was lousy service and went in to fuss.

It turned out that they were having a really bad day. They had to fill the machine with ice, the ice spilled. They were very busy. Grumpy fussed at Cranky and Cranky gave it right back. The team leader kiboshed the tense situation. The lady who waited on me ignored it all. She pleasantly explained the situation. At that moment someone announced the machine ready to go. She promptly made my frappes for me. She served me and apologized for the inconvenience. I left rejoicing that she kept her cool in the midst of the chaos.

She represented McDonald’s well while serving me. By serving McDonald’s well, she served me well. The servant’s attitude is to do the will of the one he/she is serving. They had the right person doing that particular job.

I was ready to fuss at them because I didn’t think I was being served like I felt I should. I wonder how many times I forget who I am serving and become self-serving. I know I can get grumpy and cranky because I am putting myself first. I am a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ to all those around me.

“James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting.” James 1:1
© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff

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