3/29 Daily in the Word

Blessed when Peaceful
Matthew 5:9

Reacting to a situation peacefully will solve a problem rather than create more problems.

Peace seems to be on the lips of most everyone in the world these days. When asked what thing they desire most, many political and national leaders will say "Peace." Treaties are signed, seeking to end hostility and restore peace, yet treaties often fail.

A London university once conducted a study which concluded that in the past four thousand years, only two hundred and sixty eight years of peace have been known. In the past three hundred years, Europe alone has seen two hundred and eighty six wars. Fighting, hostility, and differences seem to surround us.

While as Christians, we know that true peace will not be found on earth until Christ comes again, we are commanded to be peaceful people. Christ brought the concept of peace down to a personal level when He spoke of Christians being peacemakers. While we may not be able to end fighting and bring about world peace, we can end fighting and bring about personal peace in our lives and the lives of those around us.

In His Sermon on the Mount, Christ encouraged His disciples to be peaceful men when dealing with others, for those who were peacemakers would show forth the peace of God. Jesus knew what the disciples would face. He knew the anger and hatred some people would have for His ministry. Yet He taught the disciples that seeking peace with others would testify of God's peace.

Think about the fact that Christ knew what His followers would go through. He knew most of them would be martyred for His cause. He knew many of them would die horrible deaths, persecuted beforehand because of what He commanded them. God knew everything His disciples would face, yet He still commanded them to seek peace with all men.

Even so, God knows what you will go through in life, yet He still commands you to be a peacemaker. When you seek to peacefully deal with others, you are showing others Christ. Few people in today's world deal peacefully with those around them, especially in hostile situations. Tempers can flare, people can become brash, and peace is the last thing on most people's minds. But God desires for you to be the peacemaker, the one who controls their emotions and calmly handles situations.

Are you known as someone who deals peacefully with others? Your flesh often wants to react out of anger or make unwise decisions in times of conflict, yet God desires that you would allow His peace to control you and to respond to others with peace and love.

How do you react in tense situations? Do you express anger, say unkind words, or allow your emotions to overcome you? Christ shows that those who seek to be peacemakers show forth the peace of God. The next time you are tempted to react in anger, remember Christ's words to His disciples, "Blessed are the peacemakers" and react peacefully.

Daily Bible Reading
Judges 7-8 | Luke 5:1-16

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