3/31 Daily in the Word

Let Your Light Shine
Matthew 5:13-16

People are judging Christianity based on your example.

A pastor once stopped by his church one Saturday evening with the intent of making a few phone calls, responding to some email, and tying up loose ends before Sunday. Not intending to stay long, the pastor parked next the the church entrance in a "No Parking" zone. After less than an hour, the pastor returned to his car and drove home. The next morning he found a note in his mailbox that read:

Not a major issue, but last night when you came to church, you parked in a "No Parking" zone in front of the church. A man on my crew didn't recognize you, but commented that yet another person had parked in the "No Parking" zone, and was upset by it. We try very hard to direct people to park in the parking lots rather than around the church curbs designated for unloading. As an example to others, I ask for your cooperation in this area.

The letter was signed by a member of the church's maintenance staff. While the pastor was simply trying to hurry into the church to finish a few things before leaving, he never realized that other people were watching what he was doing. His actions affected others he didn't even know were around.

Whether you realize it or not, people are watching your actions. Everything you do, every word you speak, every attitude you display, and every emotion you show is seen by others. Many times people will judge your faith based on your actions.

In Matthew 5, Jesus tells His disciples that they are the salt of the earth, the light of the world. They are the example of Christ to those around them. Just as a city set on a hill is seen by all, so their lives were seen by everyone. He then encouraged them to not be upset that others were judging their actions, but to use their actions to point others to Christ.

I've met many people who resent the fact that others watch them and judge their actions. It's a fact of life. People are watching you and basing their views of Christianity on your life. Don't become upset by that fact, but thank God for the platform to show others an example of Christianity.

You will make mistakes and fall sometimes, but that doesn't mean your example is ruined. Simply seek forgiveness and allow others to see God's mercy and grace through your mistake.

Are you showing God's light to your peers? What kind of Christianity do the people at work see in your everyday actions, words, and reactions? "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Allow God to show others His love for them through your life. Glorify the Father through your actions each day, and let your life be a testimony of God's transforming power.

Daily Bible Reading
Judges 11-12 | Luke 6:1-26

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