3/31 Strength for Today

Affects Produce Effects

Galatians 4:17
“They zealously affect you, but not well; yea, they would exclude you, that ye might affect them.”

Throughout the book of Galatians, the Apostle Paul deals with a church that had allowed some bad influences in to affect them. For instance, in Galatians 3:1 the Scriptures say, “...who hath bewitched you...” Again in Galatians 5:7 the Scriptures say, “...who did hinder you...” Now, in the verse above we learned that those who “bewitched” and hindered this church affected it.

People will affect you in one way or the other. The affect of people on your life will always produce an effect that will either be good or bad. This is why we must be very careful about whom we allow to affect us.

Let me caution you about those whom you let affect you. First, don't let a disgruntled person who used to attend your church affect you. I deal with this problem many times as I travel. Pastors ask me how to handle people who are being affected by the influence of a former disgruntled church member. I believe you should be kind to these people, but you should not spend time with them, for they will affect you in an adverse way.

Secondly, don't let gossips affect you. A gossip will destroy your spirit quicker than anything else. Many times a gossip will come disguised as a good intentioned person who wants to “warn” you or ask you to “pray” about someone or something. Gossips will affect you, but you will not like the effect that their affect will have upon you.

Next, don't let false teachers and preachers affect you. Here is one of the most dangerous areas where I see many Christians fall. A false teacher or preacher is one who preaches or teaches something contrary to the Word of God. Many times these people will have some good things that they can teach us, but in the midst of the good things we will also be affected by their false teachings. Don't read the books that false teachers and preachers write. Don't attend the churches or conferences where these people preach. Their teachings will affect you and will lead to a bad effect later on in your life.

Be very careful about whom you let affect you. Remember that the affect of someone on your life will produce an effect. Only let those whose influence will produce good effects on your life to affect you. The effects of your life are produced by someone's affect on you, so be careful about who affects you.

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