6/14 Daily in the Word

Saved for a Purpose Revelation 12:10-11 Bible teacher Warren Wiersbe said, “In the Christian life you’re either an overcomer or you’re overcome, a victor or a victim. After all, God didn’t save us to make statues out of us and put us on exhibition. He saved us to make soldiers out of us and move us forward by faith to claim our rich inheritance in Jesus Christ.” Every believer has a place in God’s plan for warfare against the enemy. The world has no power to resist the devil. The Bible tells us that they "are taken captive by him at his will" (2 Timothy 2:26). But that is not true for the child of God. We are no longer helpless against Satan, but that is true not because of our strength, but through the blood of Jesus. The power of the blood pays the price for our salvation, but it does far more than just that. The same blood that saves us makes us victors—overcomers—by empowering us to win the victory over the temptations and trials that we face. The truth is that our battles are not just for our own benefit. Each of us has a powerful influence on others. Our family members, neighbors, co-workers, and friends at church need us to help them in the battle as well. If we forget the purpose for which God has saved us, we are likely to fall victim to the wiles of Satan. Remain focused today on the calling of God, and rest in His power as you walk with Him. Today's Rooted Principle: Find your place in God’s purpose today, and you will be an overcomer.

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