6/14 Strength for Today

The Greatest Hindrance to the Miraculous Hebrews 3:18 “And to whom sware he that they should not enter into his rest, but to them that believed not?” One of the saddest stories in the Scriptures is the story of the children of Israel who left the land of Egypt to go to the Promised Land, who ended up dying in the wilderness because they would not trust the promises of God. God says that the whole reason they could not enter into the Promised Land was because of their unbelief. Unbelief kept them from seeing the miracles of God. Unbelief kept them from being a part of a great story. Unbelief kept them from seeing the power of God firsthand. These people hindered God from being able to do the miraculous all because of their unbelief. The greatest hindrance that keeps God from working today is unbelief. There are churches that could see God miraculously work if they would believe in the power of God. Yet, the sad thing is that when a pastor of a church announces he wants to do something big and see God work the miraculous, there are many Christians who hinder it from happening because of their unbelief. There are Christians who never see God do miraculous things in their life because their unbelief kept them from stepping out by faith to do God’s will for their life. Sadly, God is hindered from doing the miraculous because of Christians who don’t believe Him. God longs to do the miraculous today, but the unbelief of Christians is what hinders Him from doing it. Let me ask you, is God no longer able to part the Red Sea’s of life? Is God no longer able to feed the 5,000? Is God no longer able to knock down the walls of Jericho in your life? Has God lost the power to be able to heal the sick? Can God no longer take the most unlikely person and perform great tasks through them? Has God lost His power to supply the needs of His people during times of famine? My answer to each of these is absolutely not! Christian, unbelief will keep you from seeing the miracles of God. Unbelief will keep you from seeing victory in your life. Unbelief will cause you to wander aimlessly in life. Unbelief will cause you to criticize those who are trying to let God do the miraculous. Unbelief will keep you from reaching your greatest potential. Unbelief will cause you to succumb to temptation. Unbelief will keep the world from seeing that God’s power is still relevant and accessible today. Unbelief will cause others to quit serving God. Unbelief will raise a generation of unbelievers. Unbelief will give you a cold heart. The greatest hindrance that is keeping you from seeing the miracles of God in your life is your unbelief. Let me ask you, are you the one who always throws in doubt when someone wants to step out and see God do the miraculous? Are you the one who hinders others from believing that the miraculous can be done? Are you the one who always points out the negative when someone decides to let God be God again? Don’t ever be guilty of being the hindrance to the miraculous. Though your flesh may doubt that the miraculous can be done, you must by faith trust God and put Him to the test. It is only those who act upon their faith, and not upon their unbelief, who see the miraculous in their lives. The greatest need of this day is for people to see that God can still do the miraculous. Don’t you be the hindrance because of your unbelief, but be a part of the minority who believes God and is willing to work hard to see God do the miraculous in their life. It will not be easy, but if you will allow God to work the miraculous through you, then He will do it!

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