3/15 Life in the Parkie Lane

Sometimer's Disease                                                             

My wife says I have Sometimer's disease.  I sometimes remember and sometimes I don't. 

I am thrilled when my Pastor reveals something I never noticed before, but when I take my pen to write a note alongside the scripture in my Bible, I find I learned this previously.  I had forgotten it

Yesterday afternoon, I dropped off some books at the library and met someone I knew.  I remembered him, where he worked, what magazine he represented, but couldn't remember his name.  We talked about writing, submitting stories, and getting stuff published or rejected. Two or three hours later, I remembered his name.  Sometimes I can't remember the names of people I see every week at church.

I can drive myself crazy trying to find stuff I put "somewhere safe."  Sometimes I find stuff in the oddest places and can't imagine why I would put those things there.

Praise God He reminds me of important stuff at the right time - and enlightens me, too!

I wonder how much the disciples thought much on the event in today's verse.  It might have been one of those "whatever" things at the time.  However, later on God brought it to mind again and they remembered the event. They even figured out what Jesus meant at the time and it turned out to be a blessing for them.

"When therefore he was risen from the dead, his disciples remembered that he had said this unto them; and they believed the scripture, and the word which Jesus had said." John 2:22 

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