5-16-14 Life in the Parkie Lane

Unexpected Destinations                                                          

We just returned from a short vacation.  We vacated the home front for a short time, but since we did not have much available time for it, the trip wasn't very restful.  Before we left, Katie planned our stops.  It looked good on paper, but…

At first, we were planning on Texas but God directed us to go to New Mexico instead. We dismissed all Katie's prior planning.  As we traveled through Nebraska, the pickup decided to go on the fritz. I called my mechanic on a Saturday and he advised me that the oxygen sensor had quit sensing oxygen, which caused it to relay misinformation to the onboard computer.  It used far too much gas and ran poorly.  Since we could not find the part in little town NAPA stores, we headed for Denver.  Mark, a friend of mine, gave us some advice and we fixed it in a nearby parking lot.

Sunday morning, we were all set to go to church with Mark, but a blizzard was moving in.  Mark advised us to go while we had the chance.  We did and made it through the pass with an ice-covered grill on the Sonoma. We made it in time for evening services at a church that evening at our destination town in NM.

The weatherman kept making discouraging reports as we headed toward another city.  We made it through before the wintry weather attacked that route.  As we neared our destination, we looked for a campground, but ended up at a motel. A couple days later we were headed back home with thunderstorms looming but never catching us!

We met some wonderful people all along the way and had a great time. Our trip didn't go exactly according to our plans, but according to God's. 

This verse illustrates how God orchestrated Paul's travels.  Paul had plans, but God changed them.  His trip didn't go according to His plans, but rather according to God's.

"After they were come to Mysia, they assayed to go into Bithynia: but the Spirit suffered them not." Act 16:7.

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