5-19-14 Life in the Parkie Lane

Robin Hookwinked                                                              

I always liked the Walt Disney version of the tale of Robin Hood - the guy who stole from the rich and gave back to the poor.  Lately, I have heard talk on the news of the grandiose idea of redistributing the world's wealth from the rich to the poor in an effort to alleviate poverty.

I worked in an auto body repair shop years ago that took on a job to restore and customize a '67 Camero convertible from a guy who had had a sudden influx of $10,000. He wanted everything redone from the lug nuts to a new top.  You name it, it was rebuilt, repainted, reupholstered or replaced.

The day came for the customer to pick it up.  The boss fired it up. The throaty rumble of the V8 with dual exhaust complimented the black and metal flake gold paint job with matching wheels and upholstery. It sparkled in the sunlight waiting for its owner.

The boss went into the office to make the phone call, but came out shortly red-faced and clearly angry. The customer had spent his entire windfall of money in the time it took to rebuild his car.  It was gone - he could not pay for it.  He was as broke as he had ever been. The boss sold the car at an auction for a loss.

Those that can't manage money will always be poor again.  Those that are financially savvy will be rich again.  The idea of redistribution wealth can't work, no matter how noble the motive. If we fall for this, we will have been Robin Hoodwinked.

Mat 26:11  For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always.

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