7-25-14 Nobody Likes Me!

"Nobody likes me.  Everybody hates me. I think I'll just go eat worms." 

FYI mealworms are better than earthworms.  I don't personally know this, but since worms in apples taste like apples, it stands to reason that mealworms would taste like oatmeal and earthworms would taste like dirt. Therefore, mealworms are tastier than earthworms. If the day comes that I actually eat worms I will let you know. However, I wouldn't hold myself in a stance of rapt attention in the meantime if I were you.

When I am the recipient of hate, I feel sorry for myself and throw a pity-party with my "inner child." I hate being hated, including all the caustic remarks and nasty names that go with it. I much prefer being liked.  I have discovered, though, that not everybody is going to like me - especially for being Christian.  I used to wonder why being Christian set some people off.  It would seem that no swearing, dirty jokes, good work ethic, and honesty would be liked and rewarded. However, that is not necessarily so. In fact, I have found, that it convicts those that do those things. Since they don't like that feeling, they want to remove it, but rather than change, they lash out at the Christian.

Jesus explained why some people behave as they do.  They hate Him.  His mere presence convicts their soul. It’s a hoot to me when the haters tell me to be more like Jesus, when it's Jesus that they see in me that set them off. Now, I understand and can deal with them with better. 

"The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil." John 7:7.

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff

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