9-2-14 Forced to Stand

I have found that God has put me in positions in which I had to make a choice.  Do I knuckle under or do I stand up for God?  If I go along with the position contrary to the Bible, then I am miserable and have let God down.  At the same time, I hate being forced to make a stand. God puts me in that position to help me grow and learn to make the right choices.  He forces me to stand.

For me making a stand is not easy. I like people to like me. I like to please people. I also want to please God. When I have to make a stand for God, regardless of popular opinion or the outcome, I know I did the right thing. 

Mordecai would not bow down to Haman.  This was not popular or politically correct. Why would a good servant of the king refuse to recognize the new prince appointed by the king?  Verse four gives the clue.  It says that Mordecai was a Jew.  Thus, Haman wanted worship as a deity and this would violate Mordecai’s faith. He was forced to make a stand.  He understood the risk, but pleasing God came first.

“And all the king's servants, that were in the king's gate, bowed, and reverenced Haman: for the king had so commanded concerning him. But Mordecai bowed not, nor did him reverence.” Esther 3:2. 

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