11-3-14 Freebies

I like free stuff.  I check Craig’s list free category regularly.  I enjoy a finding wonderful finds there. However, sometimes free stuff costs me more in the long run.  The thrill of the freebie gets lost in the cost of repairs.

I acquired a wheel barrow once that had a flat tire.  No big deal.  How much could a little tire like that cost?  The first store I went to, had a tire, but it was mounted on a wheel.  I didn’t need a wheel, just a tire. Why pay for an unnecessary wheel? Besides it cost almost as much as a new wheel barrow.  I spent much of the day driving from one store to another until I went home defeated.  I searched the internet and found cheaper ones – always as an “assembly” of wheel and tire.  However, once shipping was included, the good deal disappeared. It was not such a good deal after all.

In this passage Jesus speaks of a freebie He is offering for everyone.  The context speaks of freedom.  The Jews thought of being enslaved by other people. Jesus was speaking of freedom from sin. Now, that’s a good deal!  This cost Jesus much through torture and death on the cross – so it wasn’t free, but already paid for.  Jesus offers freedom from the consequences of sin and our final destination in hell at no cost to us! 

I accepted this freebie. It is one freebie that I have never regretted.  

“If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” John 8:36.

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff

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