7-9-15 Do You Think You Would Do That Again?

Do You Think You Would Do That Again?
I like to watch a show called, “American Ninja Warrior.” It is a show of difficult obstacles designed to make athletes fail. Many do. At the same time, some are tremendous at it. They blast through the obstacle course easily. I like to cheer on the humble athletes. The cocky ones annoy me a great deal. I know I probably shouldn’t, but I look forward to the cocky ones to falling into the water. They need that attitude to be dampened a bit.
I do not appreciate the experience of being publically humbled. I find it embarrassing. I feel my anger rising up. Then I feel my face turning red. I am so glad that somebody doesn’t run up with a microphone, shove it under my nose and ask me what happened. “Ah, well, ah I was just stupid and over confident.”
I imagine just such a journalist coming up to the prodigal son in just such a manner. “And do you think you will do that again?”
After a long hard look, the prodigal replies, “The word ‘incredulous’ comes to mind,” and he walks away.
“Yes, it seems our prodigal has been thoroughly humbled. A difficult day indeed for our hero.”
Actually, it is a good day to realize that one’s self is really not worth much at all. The prodigal wasn’t going home with the attitude he left with.  He is no longer cocky. He is ready to work the fields with the other servants rather than holding onto the prestige of being a son.
“And am no more worthy to be called thy son: make me as one of thy hired servants.” Luke 15:19 

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