12-28-15 Is the Word “Begotten” Important?

I am a word guy. I like words. I like to play with different words when I am writing. I like to look up words I come across, especially in the Bible. I came across one of those words today – begat.

I have seen many times the word “begat” and “begotten” totally omitted from Biblical quotations. However, the King James Bible has them. The question then is, “Are the words ‘begat’ and ‘begotten’ important?

Begat and begotten mean “sired” or “fathered” not “one and only.” This backs up the fact that God is the Father of Jesus, not Joseph or any other man. God “fathered” Jesus. 

It also shows that God is male. Females bear children, males beget them. Thus, the idea that God is female is refuted by this word.

This verse says that we are begotten from God by His Word. Only through the Bible can one be saved. He/she cannot be grandfathered into heaven. Each individual must accept the salvation provided by God. Thus, each person is a kind of first fruits (for example, the first tomato of the year is the first fruit of the crop). No one gets into heaven by hanging on to a parent’s shirt tale.

This verse says that God chose to father (beget) me through my response to the Bible. Yet He did not force me. He gave me a choice. No one could make that choice for me. No one could provide salvation for me. God did the work. Now I am a kind of firstfruit of His.

“Of his own will begat he us with the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures.” James 1:18.

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