12-9-15 Going Cuckoo

When I was a boy my folks hung a cuckoo clock outside my bedroom door (one of two in the house). I usually had to go to bed by ten o’clock or so. I would lay there as they tick-tocked happily – they were always louder at night. It seemed that whenever I dosed off, the cuckoo birds would announce the time at the top of their voice. They did one cuckoo for the half hour, but several on the hour – ten cuckoos for ten o’clock etc. They never went off at the same time. One always followed the other stretching out the alarm for up to twenty-four cuckoos. I could hear them even if I buried my head under the pillow. At night these clocks turned into demonic mechanisms to drive me nuts. However, at some point I learned that I could silence the contraptions by stopping the pendulums. This annoyed my parents, but I had to get my beauty rest. (If you feel so inclined to send me a cuckoo clock for a gift, don’t. That is a ploy of the devil). To this day I still hate cuckoo clocks.

My faith sometimes swings back and forth like the pendulum. One time I believe without a problem, other times I worry. Somehow, this problem is worse at night. I try to stop the pendulum of faith fluctuations, but it doesn’t work. Stopping at the middle of the swing still isn’t faith. I need to have God stop it at the top of the faith swing.

James was talking about asking for wisdom in this passage. He reminds me to ask in faith and not let the pendulum swing or I will go cuckoo oscillating between faith and worry.

“But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.” James 1:6.

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff

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