1-27-16 Be Prepared to Walk

An employee at Walmart got my attention the other day. He had a spiked Mohawk with long pointy things that were several inches long. Although difficult, I tried not to gawk at him like regulars at a stranger in a little town café. I suppose he was nice enough to talk to, but I imagined I would be distracted by his hair and fail to communicate well:

“Can you tell me where the…the…the…ah…ah…hair…” I stammer, unable to gather my thoughts.

“Hair products are in the health and beauty department.” He replies.

“But…but…I wanted…ah…hmmm…never mind. Thanks anyway.” He returns to his duties while thinking something like, Man, what a doofus. It’s a wonder he can find his way home. And that hair! People can be so strange.

You and I draw conclusions about people by the things we see. We make judgments. Yup, we judge others. This means others notice us and make judgments. With this in mind am I prepared to walk the Christian walk?

I know I have faith, but do others see it? Am I willing to let it show? Does my walk match my talk? James is reminding me that my faith, or lack thereof, is revealed in my actions.

The question then is: Am I prepared to walk my talk?

“What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him?” James 2:14.

© copyright 2016 Kevin T Boekhoff


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