2/11 Life in the Parkie Lane

No Need for the Light  in the Light                                                         

One nice warm sunny day, I was cleaning up my GMC Sonoma in the driveway.  I cleaned the candy wrappers out of the ashtray and checked the glove box and arm wrest between the seats for miscellaneous debris. I noticed the flashlight and flipped the switch, but the sun was too bright to see if it really worked.  I even put it up close to my eye and stared at the bulb as I switched it on and off.  I sighed and walked into the shadows in the garage to see if it worked.  It worked fine. 

The sunlight had overpowered the flashlight. I couldn't tell that it worked at all. There was no need for the light.  But in the dark, my what a blessing!  The darker it is, the more I appreciate my little flashlight - as long as I remember it is there when I need it.

Warning: This is going to be deep!  There is no need for the light in the light.

Sometimes our world flips upside down through hardship, disease, or tragedy, for examples. At those times, is easier to see the Light.  When all is well in our lives, it is difficult to see the Light, but when it is dark, what a difference! The true Light (Jesus) illuminates every man at some point.  Praise God for those times that we can see the Light.  Praise God that the Light has opportunity to shine brightly in the dark times of our lives. Just don't forget about the Light.

That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. John 1:9

PS.  Before creation, there was only darkness. There was no need for light until creation.  The sun, which gives life-giving light, pictures the Son of God, who is the Life and the Light. Without the darkness there would be no need for the Light.

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff

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