2/16 Life in the Parkie Lane

Self-licking Ice Cream Cone                                                 

A self-licking ice cream cone is a self-perpetuating system that has no purpose other than to sustain itself. Applied to one person it would be, "Its all about me!"

Parkinson's is sneaky.  I slowly start feeling "off" (meds not working).  I don't really realize it is happening until. I find I am getting grumpy, cranky, grouchy, curmudgeonly, and downright snarky. Other times it is because I have become a self-licking ice cream cone. I am focused on me.  I suffer from i-me-itis. When this happens, Dickens lets me know by saying, "I'm leaving," or my wife tells me outright that I am getting grumpy.

When I have become a self-licking ice cream cone and everything is about me, I am miserable. I need to repent of my actions and change my thinking. I find if I do something for somebody else, my attitude changes! When I stop and think on God, my whole demeanor changes. My self-licking ice cream cone melts down! Oh sure, sometimes it is because I don't feel physically well.  Then I simply need enough common sense to stop and rest. Still, I need to refocus on God.

I pray for God to help me recognize early when I am feeling "off" and also to realize that it's not self-esteem, its God esteem. 

"For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself." Galatians 6:3.  

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff

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