3/12 Life in the Parkie Lane

More Bone Than Brain                                                            

Sometimes with Parkinson's disease, balance is an issue.  One night I fell and hit my head on the nightstand.  I was sure I was bleeding all over.  Nope, but it did leave a mark for a while.  I praised God I had more bone than brain.

Other times being bone-headed isn't an advantage.  I can be rather dim at times. Some people learn by reading something, some learn by watching other's lives, and some have to touch the paint to see if it is wet. It depends on my day, or the issue at hand, whether I learn intelligently or not.

Nicodemus came to Jesus because he wasn't understanding some things that he should. He had a hard time grasping what Jesus was telling him. He was a little dim at the moment. Jesus knows that Nicodemus knows these things, He just wants to help him realize it.

Today's verses might apply to some this way, "Aren't you a church-going person and knowest not these things about being born again?" To others God may be using this verse to say, "Didn't you grow up in a Christian home and knowest not these things." Applied to me this passage says, "Aren't you a preacher and knowest not these things?" This helps me see that this question is rhetorical.  But I still need help seeing some things because I can have more bone than brain.

"Nicodemus answered and said unto him, How can these things be? Jesus answered and said unto him, Art thou a master of Israel, and knowest not these things?" John 3:9-10.

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