3/22 Life in the Parkie Lane

The New Guy                                                               

About the time my Parkinson's disease was making my job at the auto parts store miserable, the owner hired his son to work in the receiving department with me. I knew that I was unofficially training my replacement.  He proved to be a good worker and pleasant person to work with, so that helped.

I understood that my job was to teach him my job, so he could do my job someday.    As time went on I had to let the new guy do more and more and I had to step back and let him do it on his own.  Eventually, I became more of an advisor. Then one day, I hurt my back. Between the injury and the Parkinson's, I ended up unable to return to my job. The point is that he had to increase and I had to decrease in preparation for this day. 

I had expected that day to occur differently. It was a tough time, but God is in charge. He knew the future. Fighting this development in my life was God's will, and therefore, wrong.  I simply needed to trust in Him.

Many times, I have had to put my ideas, schemes, plans, and schedule aside and let God have His way. I never planned on Parkinson's, but God is using it. Life goes much better if I decrease so Jesus can increase.

Even though John did not have to train his replacement, he had to allow Jesus to gain in popularity while his would wane.  He had done his job preparing the way for Jesus.  Now it was time for Jesus. 

"He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30 

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff

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