3/7 Life in the Parkie Lane

The Ultimate Extreme Makeover                                                                   

Reality shows, magazines, and advertisements bombard us Americans with the idea of extreme makeovers - to go from hum-drum to WOW!

I couldn't deal with the pressure of being a shining example of manhood for the world.  I would hate to have my day revolve around toning my muscles and eating veggies. Oh, the horrors of discovering another grey whisker, or hairs on the shower drain! And those paparazzi, what a nuisance! Life would be with them snapping my picture everywhere I went.  Not only that, but having to post "selfies" on Facebook everyday.  What kind of life is that?

Certainly, being clean, well-groomed and maintaining one's health are important, and appreciated by others. The point is that God's makeover is on the inside, which is displayed outwardly through attitudes, lifestyle, and love for God and one another. God accomplishes this by giving us a new birth - now that's an extreme makeover! 

When I trusted Christ as my Savior, I was born again.  My "language" changed, my desires changed. I now enjoy church, the Bible, preaching and prefer to hang out with Christians - they are my kind of people!  That's vastly different from my life before Jesus.  Now that is truly an extreme makeover. How about you?

"Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again." John 3:7 

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff

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