5-30-14 I Have Problems

 I Have Problems                                                                       

People frequently ask if they could pray for me, I have problems.

Please understand that I hate problems.  The problem with problems is that they attract more problems.  I would prefer to have a problem-free life. Problems bring stress and anxiety along with them, too. Some problems come in the form of negative circumstances and some come disguised as people. One of my biggest problems besides me, myself and I is Parkinson's disease.

When I ask for your prayers, I am not asking you to ask God to remove my problems or heal me of Parkinson's because that would be counterproductive to God's will.  He allowed these problems to help me grow up spiritually, to trust Him more and to give Him to work through me to help others.

Instead, pray for me to seek God through the problem, to stick with God through the problem and not give up or give in. Pray for God's grace to give me peace and strength for enduring the problem.  Pray that I would seek God's wisdom before I allow frustration to reign.

It is interesting to note that the word "problem" is not in the King James Bible.  It is not necessarily significant, though, because many people in the Bible had lots of problems. Their stories are recorded there so that I could learn from them and see how they handled their problems. Please pray that God would bring those stories to mind when I need them or direct me to them in my daily Bible reading.

Thanks for your prayers, have a great day!

"Brethren, pray for us." I Thessalonians 5:25.

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