5-4-14 Life in the Parkie Lane

I Ain't an Ain't  No More                                                                              

I ain't no saint - not in the sense that I am sinless. However, I became a saint when Jesus saved me. I ain't an ain't no more.  

Ninety-nine times, the KJV Bible uses the word "saint" or "saints." Even though the Bible doesn't use the term "ain't" the concept is there, besides it rhymes with "saint," hence today's title. "Saints" are always those that are God's people - saved people.

Thus, even a nobody like me could go from the "ain't" side of life to the saint side.  As an "ain't" I was bound for an eternal hell to pay for my sins. Outside of Jesus there was no hope. Jesus is the portal through the transformation from "ain't" to saint. Now, I am a cleaned up version of me. I don't deserve the distinction of saint, but through Jesus, I am.

The good news is that anyone can go from ain't to saint.  Maybe you ain't a saint, but all your sin can be forgiven and you can become a saint.

"All the saints salute you." II Corinthians 13:13.

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff

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