6-2-14 Give It Up Kid

"Wow, am I glad that I was smart enough to bring a lunch along, I'm getting hungry." The boy said to himself as he sat down close enough to see Jesus sitting and talking with his disciples. 

"Let's see, two dried fish and five bun-sized barley loaves, my favorite. It's kinda cool the way the eyes suck into the eye sockets when they dry out." He said to himself. Just then, he heard Andrew mention a boy with fish and bread. He automatically looked up, finger still pushing on the fish's eye socket. He watched as Jesus told Andrew to have the 5000 men sit down to be served a meal.

Jesus looked at the boy, who obligingly gave up his lunch to Jesus and watched.  "How did Jesus do that?  He handed out fish and bread to the disciples and they served everyone! And look at all the leftovers!"

When the boy began his day, he had no idea what would happen. He had originally set out on an errand for his mother, but ended up drifting with the crowd instead. He didn't have much, but he surrendered what he had to Jesus, who used it to supply a need for many others.

I don't have much to offer Jesus.  Since I am following Jesus, He may say to me, "Give it up kid" regarding something in my life. If I was at the point of needing to eat something or my Parkinson's would become more difficult (as happens if I don't eat on time), would I be able to give up my meal, especially if it was a favorite?  I like to think I would surrender anything in my life to Him, if He could use it.  This miracle is recorded in the Bible to remind me to surrender everything to Jesus - hey, its all His anyway.

"There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many?" John 6:9.

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff

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