8-23-14 I Don't Get It

I Don’t Get It                                                                           8-23-14

“Mom, why are you laughing?” I asked.  She had me puzzled because she was knitting.  Knitting looked tedious to my ten-year old brain - certainly not funny.

“I just got the joke pastor told this morning,” and she returned to her giggling. Then she fussed that she lost count, and laughed some more.

Now, I enjoy a good joke – unless I don’t get it.  Some jokes I simply don’t understand.  But, unlike my mother, I don’t spend much time thinking on them if I am puzzled.  Plus, I don’t enjoy someone trying to explain it because it makes me feel dull of wit. If I don’t get it right away, I will never get it – and it doesn’t bother me.  Life goes on.

Jesus told the Pharisees He had a lot He could say to them, but He settled on making His point.  He was trying to help them conclude on their own that He was talking about His relationship with God the Father. They didn’t get it. 

Once my mother got the joke, her whole demeanor changed.  She enjoyed the joke.  It took me a few years, but once I “got it” and I trusted Christ as Savior my whole life changed. I simply had to understand it.

“I have many things to say and to judge of you: but he that sent me is true; and I speak to the world those things which I have heard of him. They understood not that he spake to them of the Father.” John 8:26-27.

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