8-26-14 Mister Moderation

I try not to get too hot, too cold, too tired or too hungry, I explained to a friend regarding how I live with Parkinson’s. He replied, “Oh, Mr. Moderation.”  I have also found that eating on time is as important as taking my meds on time.  Moderation is needed in maintaining the delicate balance of feeling reasonably good.

The Bible is talking about self-control in this verse. It is speaking about doing right – being my own moderator.  The idea is that others will see proper behavior, not sin under the guise of “moderation.” In fact, non-Christians expect Christians to be their own moderators. They will not understand why I have justified sin in my life.  

Just as I need to control myself to maintain good health, the same idea works in the spiritual realm.  The idea is to moderate or control myself – with God’s help.  God wants me to live in such a way that my talk matches my walk.

He wants me to keep in mind that “the Lord is at hand.”  Pretty much the same concept is the boss is in the building, so don’t slack off. Instead, simply work as if the boss is always in the building – moderation in the workplace.  The Lord is always present.

 “Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.´ Philippians 4:5.

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff

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