8-3-15 Tough Stuff

A chaplain from a sheriff’s department shared with me part of his job. He was the officer that carried the burden of delivering bad news to loved ones. He said some would hang on him and sob, while others would hit him.  He knew it was just their pain coming out. He explained to me that this was the most difficult part of his job.

The Old Testament prophets often carried the burden of delivering difficult messages to people, many of which didn’t take the message well. The prophets suffered greatly simply by delivering God’s message. The name “Malachi” means “messenger.” He lived up to his name by delivering this message to Israel – even if it meant death to him.

I must say that I don’t like to receive bad news. I don’t like to be told that God does not approve of a behavior on my part. My pastor carries a burden to deliver God’s messages to me every week. Like Malachi he does so because God has him do so and because he loves me enough to deliver the message. My part is to apply the message to my heart, not get mad about it.

Delivering a difficult burden is tough stuff.

“The burden of the word of the LORD to Israel by Malachi.” Malachi 1:1.

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