12-21-15 Blundering On

We live amidst a plethora of misinformation like a hoarder living amongst debris. It takes patience and research to sort through it.

To me making a mistake sounds like kind of a miscalculation, an oops if you will. But a blunder? Now that sounds like a very large stupid event. Something that took forethought and planning – flawed logic.

A number of years ago, I went shopping for a pickup. I couldn’t find something with an automatic transmission and air conditioning. Two important things for dealing with Parkinson’s. I simply couldn’t find anything, until I happened upon a Ford Ranger. It looked very nice and drove well, too. But I had never bought a Ford in the past that wasn’t a regret. However, I squelched that voice inside and bought it anyway. That was an err in judgment.

Upon arrival at home, my son said, “I thought you said you would rather push your Dodge than drive a Ford!” My eldest daughter carried on, “I’m so ashamed. How can I show my face in town?”

When I changed the oil, I noticed the old oil was very thick. After the oil change the engine knocked. Not a good thing. Someone had put thickener in it to silence the noise. When the weather warmed up, I discovered the air conditioning didn’t work. I had been ripped off. My purchase was a blunder.

God is telling us in this verse not to err – do not blunder! It also carries the implication of doing wrong even when knowing what is right. When I err, it is not an oops, but a direct transgression of God’s Word. It is sin. The context helps me understand what would be an err or not.

Also, the Holy Spirit convicts me that it is wrong, much like my better judgment told me purchasing that truck would be a mistake. I don’t have to blunder on through life.

 “Do not err, my beloved brethren.” James 1:16.

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff

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