4-15-16 Do You Have Insight?

As I was talking with a homeless man one day over a meal I bought him. He asked me if I had “insight.” I had never been asked that before. He seemed to be asking about spiritual insight. I only have the Bible. I don’t know why some things happen. I don’t know what God is planning. I don’t understand a lot of things. He thought I had some mystical hotline to God.

I must admit that I have wondered why God has allowed some things in my life. Parkinson’s, financial difficulty, a bad day landing on an important day, sickness, car trouble, jerky people etc. I sound like a whiner when I think of the things the prophets and preachers of old when through. I can only imagine what Christians in Muslim countries are suffering through.

When I read this verse I did find some insight. The prophets of old suffered as an example for me. I wonder if they wondered why at the time.

The word “patience” means longsuffering and fortitude. The idea is since they handled it with the Lord’s help, I can, too. Does this count for red traffic lights? I don’t suppose that would be considered suffering for Jesus.

I do not have great insight, but I do have the prophets of old to inspire me.

“Take, my brethren, the prophets, who have spoken in the name of the Lord, for an example of suffering affliction, and of patience.” James 5:10.

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